Project Management

All it takes is one phone call and BAKS LTD are able to instigate the following chain of events to Project Manage the clients whole design requirements.

  • Initial client meeting to establish requirements.
  • Design and space plan the new offices.

Carry out the installation of:

  • Power Supplies and distribution including clean supplies for Data Centre
  • UPS System
  • Suspended Ceilings and Cat2 Lighting
  • Partitions
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Decorations
  • Carpets and Flooring including Anti Static Flooring
  • Arrange for the move
  • Carry out the Move with specilist teams
  • Installation of moved and new furniture

Final meeting with client to close project down and hand over all buildings to client and landlord.

Due to the extent and complexity of each clients requirements, the above chain of events is only a guide and is not exhaustive of what could and has happened on specific projects.